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Welcome to Insight Gold Buyers

We are the go to place to buy gold and silver at rock bottom prices with as little as 1/10th ozt. Minimum.

We buy your Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds and coins here for the best and fairest prices. We hold well over 20 years of industry experience buying and selling jewelry and coins. We buy anything from bullion to unwanted sweetheart jewelry and watches!

What's Gold doing Now?

The price of Gold, Silver, Platinum and other precious metals fluctuate by the minute, when the market is in full swing. This will affect your bottom line. However Insight Gold Buyers price what they buy, more competitively then other gold buyers.


When we buy your broken, unwanted Gold, Silver, Platinum Jewelry and Coins; we will give you fair market value for your pieces from the day they show up at our doors.

Be sure to know, that our buyers have been in the industry for 20+ years and know not only scrap metal worth, but also are Coin purveyors, and jewelry experts. They know what you are sending even quality Native American silver jewelry! You will get a great price, and the reason...

If we like it we will sell it on our site, which can help raise your buy out price for your piece!

Our Latest News - Why Buy Gold and Silver?

If you are hesitant to begin investing in precious metals such as gold and silver, don’t be. It’s not as scary as you may think. A lot of people these days think that buying gold or silver, or any precious metal is too much of a risk. We here at Insight Gold Buyers are here to settle your nerves, but also to let you know that it’s scarier not to!

There is no greater reason for anyone to buy gold or silver than the plain FACT that paper money holds NO STEADY VALUE! Every day the market runs, the value of your dollar is never really worth one dollar. You could get lucky and maybe in some market its worth just a few cents more, but since the dollar was taken off the GOLD STANDARD and moved to the market, it’s never held any real intrinsic value.

Insight Gold Buyers

Call Now : 480-999-1840

This alone should be anyone’s true and only reason to invest in something tangible. You always see the commercials out there with every corner having a “CASH FOR GOLD!” sign, and did you ever stop to wonder why? We know! And while we also buy gold and silver jewelry and coins, we aren’t hiding why we do it. We think everyone should know that to buy gold and silver is a tangible investment. With a steady rate, these items are an insurance policy for your wealth. It is a steady growth, and odds are you will not become a millionaire overnight, (unless some market crashes, and it has before, just saying), but your invested wealth doesn’t go down in value! Looking at the market over the decades, gold and silver has always had a steady, long term growth.

When you think about your future and your future wealth, buying gold and silver now should be the investment you start with. It’s very affordable and anyone with a few dollars can begin now. Why not start your portfolio the easy way, with no brokers to deal with stock options? To get started, go to our contact page and fill out the form or give us a call. We will even send you any information you need to help you make your decision!

Need more reasons why? Click here and view our reasons why you should buy gold and silver today!

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